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Traditional Manual Process

Our cymbals are 100% handmade using the old school method which brings the attack, warmth, body and resonance desired by drummers world wide.

Quality Products

Our product line will accommodate all styles, leves, and tastes in sound. Arborea Cymbals is focused on making sure that our brand is superior in craftsmanship, durability and affordability.

Innovative Sounds

Our Octogon and Stacker cymbals will guarantee your sound stands out with cutting edge tones, attack, and brilliance.

International Shipping

We will ship your order from your headquarters to anywhere in the world.

Company History

Arborea Cymbals

The ancient brass percussion instrument originated in China.  A tradition of meticulous manual craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. No other company embodies this rich tradition than the JinShengYuan Musical Instrument Factory.  With over 100 years in business, it is one of the few family-owned enterprises in China and the oldest and copper percussion instrument manufacturing companies.  In the percussion industry, we we are known as the “Chinese Zildjian”.

Our Cymbal and Gong products are carefully crafted leveraging this ancient process of manual production and blend the merits of the most advanced technological equipment creating a perfect balance and harmony of ancient and modern.

Our pro line of Arborea Cymbals have been sold worldwide.  Our company has continually developed products adapted to the demands of every musical genre and has consistently provided the utmost quality in every Cymbal series.

Arborea Worldwide is an official distributor of Arborea Cymbals in association with Mouse Media Interactive and Sarai Custom Drums.

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